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Our attorneys for school bullying represent children and families throughout the United States who have suffered from bullying. If your child has sustained mental or physical injuries, or took his or her own life after being bullied at school, you may be able to file a bullying lawsuit.

12-Year Old Girl Bullied at School Takes Own Life

A seventh grader from Nashville appears to have taken her own life after being repeatedly bullied at school. The 12-year old was physically hit and taunted by a group of students who had a reputation for bullying, which got so bad that the victim’s mother pulled her out of school in late October 2019. Her November [...]

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Proceeds from University of Tennessee T-Shirt Reach Nearly $1 Million to Fight Bullying

Back in September 2019, when a fourth-grader from Orlando was teased and made fun of for creating his own University of Tennessee t-shirt for a spirit event, the university stepped in and sold his shirt design in the campus shop. Proceeds from the 112,715 t-shirts purchased have reached nearly $1 million—which went to the non-profit STOMP [...]

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