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Our school bullying lawyers represent families throughout the United States in school bullying cases. Call us today for a free consultation to discuss your situation. You may have a viable claim to pursue a school bullying lawsuit.

Lawsuit Alleges School Board Failed to Protect Boy Who Was Sexually Abused and Bullied

A lawsuit, filed in December 2019, claims a first grader was bullied and sexually abused by another student at Audubon Elementary on Merritt Island, FL. The complaint alleges that the school board was negligent in handling a series of incidents that were reported between October 2016 and May 2017, which led to “severe and permanent ... [...]

Anti-Gay Bullying in Schools Brought to Light in Viral Video

In November 2019, a video depicting a physical altercation between two high school classmates over anti-gay name-calling went viral. Shared widely on Twitter, the video draws attention to what some call a “systemic failure” to address the prevalence of anti-LGBTQ bullying in schools. Unfortunately, for the victim of the anti-gay taunting, this kind of abuse was [...]

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12-Year Old Girl Bullied at School Takes Own Life

A seventh grader from Nashville appears to have taken her own life after being repeatedly bullied at school. The 12-year old was physically hit and taunted by a group of students who had a reputation for bullying, which got so bad that the victim’s mother pulled her out of school in late October 2019. Her November [...]

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Cincinnati Boy’s Bullying Suicide Under Review in 6th Circuit

Third-grader Gabriel Taye was bullied at school on the day he hung himself in January 2017, according to attorneys representing the boy’s family in a case against Cincinnati Public Schools and school officials. Two days prior to the tragedy, the 8-year old Carson Elementary School student was knocked unconscious by one of peers in a school [...]