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Has your child been mentally or physically injured due to bullying? Did your child take his or her life because of school bullying? You may need legal help. Contact our school bullying attorneys to discuss your situation.

Alabama County Implements Peer-to-Peer Anti-Bullying Program

The Walker County Board of Education recently received a grant through the Alabama State Department of Education to start the “Peer Helpers” program. The program is designed to provide a support network for students. The “Peer Helpers” program will train students and teachers to become support fellows. In this role, Peer Helpers will able to address [...]

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Video of Pennsylvania High School Bullying Incident Goes Viral

A video depicting a boy being punched in the face while his attacker is egged on by classmates, which was taken in the bathroom of Greater Nanticoke Area High School in Pennsylvania, has gone viral. The video has been shared across Snapchat and Facebook, and has led to possible criminal charges to be filed against the [...]

Lawsuit Alleges School Board Failed to Protect Boy Who Was Sexually Abused and Bullied

A lawsuit, filed in December 2019, claims a first grader was bullied and sexually abused by another student at Audubon Elementary on Merritt Island, FL. The complaint alleges that the school board was negligent in handling a series of incidents that were reported between October 2016 and May 2017, which led to “severe and permanent ... [...]

Anti-Gay Bullying in Schools Brought to Light in Viral Video

In November 2019, a video depicting a physical altercation between two high school classmates over anti-gay name-calling went viral. Shared widely on Twitter, the video draws attention to what some call a “systemic failure” to address the prevalence of anti-LGBTQ bullying in schools. Unfortunately, for the victim of the anti-gay taunting, this kind of abuse was [...]

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12-Year Old Girl Bullied at School Takes Own Life

A seventh grader from Nashville appears to have taken her own life after being repeatedly bullied at school. The 12-year old was physically hit and taunted by a group of students who had a reputation for bullying, which got so bad that the victim’s mother pulled her out of school in late October 2019. Her November [...]

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Proceeds from University of Tennessee T-Shirt Reach Nearly $1 Million to Fight Bullying

Back in September 2019, when a fourth-grader from Orlando was teased and made fun of for creating his own University of Tennessee t-shirt for a spirit event, the university stepped in and sold his shirt design in the campus shop. Proceeds from the 112,715 t-shirts purchased have reached nearly $1 million—which went to the non-profit STOMP [...]

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Cincinnati Boy’s Bullying Suicide Under Review in 6th Circuit

Third-grader Gabriel Taye was bullied at school on the day he hung himself in January 2017, according to attorneys representing the boy’s family in a case against Cincinnati Public Schools and school officials. Two days prior to the tragedy, the 8-year old Carson Elementary School student was knocked unconscious by one of peers in a school [...]