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Our attorneys for school bullying represent children and families throughout the United States who have suffered from bullying. If your child has sustained mental or physical injuries, or took his or her own life after being bullied at school, you may be able to file a bullying lawsuit.

Recognizing Warning Signs May Help Stop Cyberbullying

With online schooling becoming the “new normal” over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cyberbullying has dramatically increased among students. The shift from traditional classroom settings to remote learning can make it easier for bullies to target victims. Cyberbullying can have devastating consequences for its victims, including physical and mental injuries, or even death [...]

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Anonymous Reporting App Aims to Stop School Bullying

School bullying can seriously impact a student’s safety. Victims and witnesses to the bullying may be fearful of the bully, and may be reluctant to report the incident. However, a mobile app called STOPit enables students and parents to report bullying without revealing their identity. The app is a two-way messaging system where students can message [...]

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Online Learning Environments Pose New Avenues for Cyberbullying

Bullying is a generations-old concept that has become incredibly pervasive in recent years. School bullying in particular can have a serious impact on a child’s life, including potentially threatening or actually taking his or her own life. With the increased use of technology, bullies have found more ways to harm their victims. Known as cyberbullying, bullies [...]

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Is Bullying Harassment?

Many individuals, including parents and school officials may use the terms “bullying” and “harassment” interchangeably. However, bullying is not the same as harassment. While there are many similarities between the two, there are important differences. Below, our attorneys discuss “Is bullying harassment?” and explain the distinctions. Is Bullying the Same as Harassment? Bullying and harassment have [...]

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What Constitutes School Bullying?

About 20 percent of children between the ages of 12 and 18 experience bullying during the school year. Victims can suffer serious adverse effects of bullying, which may include severe emotional and physical injuries or even death. Below, our attorneys explain what school bullying is and what constitutes bullying in school. What Is School Bullying? The [...]

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Direct and Indirect Bullying: What Is the Difference?

There are many ways to describe bullying. “Direct bullying” and “indirect bullying” refer to the means or method of bullying. Both direct and indirect bullying intend to hurt or harm the targeted victim, and both can have serious short and long-term effects on the victim. Below, our attorneys explain the difference between direct bullying and indirect [...]

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Can You Sue for Cyberbullying?

Parents and guardians often want to know, “Can I sue for cyberbullying?” This is a difficult question to answer, because it depends on the circumstances surrounding your child’s situation. Is Cyberbullying Illegal? Cyberbullying can be illegal. This form of bullying may have legal consequences depending on the situation. Cyberbullying law is still relatively new and constantly [...]

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Top Warning Signs of Cyberbullying

Technology provides children with a whole new platform for bullying. Students can bully others on the internet and social media. This is known as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can have adverse effects on a child’s mental and physical well-being. Parents may be curious about the signs of cyberbullying. Key warning signs of cyberbullying among children include: Being afraid [...]

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New Jersey Sikh Student Drops Out of School Due to Bullying

A lawsuit filed against Gloucester County Special Services School District Board of Education addresses faith-based bullying of a Sikh student. The student, a minor, was allegedly suffering from bullying since 2018 due his religion and perceived race. The Sikh Coalition, a community-based organization behind the lawsuit, stated that the student’s cries for help “have been repeatedly [...]

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What Are Some Common Types of Cyberbullying?

When parents think about bullying behavior, they may picture physical violence or verbal abuse. However, there are many other forms of school bullying. For example, teenagers often communicate through text messaging and social media. The widespread use of smartphones and the internet offers a space for cyberbullying to occur. Thus, it is crucial for parents to [...]

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