Fourth grader Mckenzie Adams suffered persistent abuse and bullying at U.S. Jones Elementary in Linden Alabama. Tormented for her African-American race and gender, as well as her friendship with a Caucasian classmate, Mckenzie reported the bullying to school officials but was ignored. She hung herself in December 2018.

Grant & Eisenhofer represents Mckenzie’s family in a January 2020 lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Alabama. The suit names U.S. Jones Elementary School, Demopolis City Schools, and certain school officials and teachers as defendants, alleging that they were aware of the bullying and cruelty Mckenzie was experiencing yet took no action to stop it. Moreover, in mid-2018, the state of Alabama updated its anti-bullying law to require schools to define, control, report, and take other measures to stop instances of bullying, but the lawsuit contends the school district and elementary school did not comply. “This case is a shocking example of the abject failure of adults in positions of responsibility to protect a young girl who was continuously picked on and abused by classmates,” said G&E Director Diandra Debrosse-Zimmermann, representing the Adams family.

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